About Us
Mydear Confinement Centre provides professional confinement care for mother and baby. Our centre is located in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. Surrounding with the lovely environment and best weather in centre, it allows mothers's body recover faster.

Mydear is a home-style paternity centre which situated in a quiet, clean, and new environment. Each room has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, reading corner, massage room, TV viewing area and so on. We hire medical consultants, chinese medical practitioners, nutritionists, and nurse to take care mother and baby.

When you stay in Mydear, you'll receive personalised care by our experts, variety of confinement diets, and spaces for relaxing. We also provide 24 hour baby care and daily mother health check up.

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Mydear坐月子中心为妈妈和宝宝提供专业的限制照顾。 我们的中心位于马来西亚槟城的北海。 中心的周边环境优美,气候宜人,可让母亲的身体更快恢复。
Mydear是一个家庭式的亲子中心,坐落在一个安静,清洁,新的环境。 每个房间都有空调,免费无线网络,阅读角,按摩室,电视观景区等。 我们聘请医疗顾问,中医,营养师和护士照顾妈妈和宝宝。
当您入住Mydear时,我们的专家将为您提供个性化的护理,多种禁食饮食和放松的空间。 我们还提供24小时的婴儿护理和每日母亲健康检查。

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